Terms of Service

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Definitions used in this document:



In the event of some catastrophe or other external action outside our control (such as freak weather, illness, transport issues, etc.), we will where possible try to complete the services as agreed in the Booking; if this is not possible, other arrangements will be made to satisfy both parties amicably.

Cancellation Fees
Notice given Cancellation Fee
> 1 month£0
< 1 month20%
< 1 week30%
< 24 hours40%
< 2 hours60%
0 hours80%

Bookings cancelled by The Client (for reasons such as school snow closure, staff illness, industrial action, venue unavailable, etc.) may incur a Cancellation Fee, dependent upon circumstances and how much notice we are given prior to the arrival time. This Cancellation Fee is a percentage of the cost of the missed session(s), and covers all the unseen background planning work we put in and the lost income which affects our livelihood. Please at least text us before we leave to prevent a wasted journey.

Where Bookings are significantly changed by The Client beyond the original spec, we reserve the right to charge a Cancellation Fee.

For all cancelled Bookings, we'll try and rebook a future date that's convenient for both parties where possible. To show good will, half of any Cancellation Fee will be deducted from your Booking.


Our standard payment terms are within 30 days of the Invoice date. After this, interest will be charged at 10%/month. Neither tax nor National Insurance contributions should be deducted. We are not VAT registered.

Consequential Loss

We are not liable for consequential loss as a result of sub-standard service.

Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights

All copyright remains with us and intellectual property may not be used by The Client without our permission. Unauthorised reproduction is prohibited, including publishing on the internet or in print, radio, television or other media. Please ask our permission before making recordings or film footage.


Any damage to our instruments and equipment caused by user negligence will have to be paid for. General wear and tear is of course taken into account.